clowning and magic, balloons and face painting by Silly Millie




Summer time, Holiday time, any time when you have a special reading program or you just want to have something for the children. Silly Millie's Magic show for Libraries is a favorite! She blends music, magic, silly antics and bubbles in a show the children will be asking for again and again.

Silly Millie guides the children through a magical story book packed full of fun. They meet Simon the bookworm, learn why it's so important to learn to read and to practice every day. bubbleSome children and maybe a librarian or two even get to go inside of a bubble!!! The show can last 30 to 50 minutes and is appropriate for all ages.

If you have a specific theme, Silly Millie can customize part of the show.

Silly Millie can provide a bag of balloon animals (approx. 12-15) for a raffle or give away after the show as well as flyers and/or handouts.

Stephanie is also available for library shows and does a completely different show. She dresses in bright colorful clothing and does a lot more magic and storytelling. This works well if you have a slightly older group.




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