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Snazaroo Face Paints



not just for kids!  

Whether it's Mardi Gras theme, Halloween or you just want to have fun, Stephanie can make it a special event.  From elegant to outrageous, she creates a unique design for each person with feathers, sequins and even fluorescent or glow in the dark paints.

Stephanie can dress in various costumes to meet your theme: alien, pirate, clown, jester, witch, safari, space cadet, holiday elf, military, egyptian, religious, Renaissance, tropical, beach, swinging 40's, 50's sock hopper and 60's hippie just to name a few.



She can even do realistic tattoos...that don't hurt a bit and stay on up to 3 days!



Magic, face painting, balloon twister, clown, clowning shows, airbrush tattoos


Her face painting for kids is crisp and fun.  The designs usually take between 3 - 5 minutes each.  She's so versatile that the kids can usually get what they ask for.  Disney characters, Looney tunes, sports logos etc.




More Faces

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 Full Faces: Superbowl, 1998 San Diego.  Coca-cola Promo with NFL Experience.
Full Faces: Superbowl, 1999 Miami, FL  Coca-Cola Promo





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